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Crafting Appreciation: Heartfelt DIY Teacher Valentine's Day Gifts to Show Our Gratitude!

Valentine's Day Gift Tags, Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping
Valentine's Day Teacher Gifts

In this DIY Valentine's Day adventure, we transformed simple materials into charming chocolate-filled gifts that are sure to bring joy to the receiver.

So first, I went over to Dollar Tree and I picked up these red plastic hearts.

Then I loaded them up with some chocolate candies and some paper shred.

To elevate our creations, we incorporated a touch of nature. Using a paper clip as a strawberry stem (or any wire you have handy), we covered it with floral tape for a seamless look.

I grabbed some green card stock paper, cut the paper into a little strawberry leaf by cutting a circle first and then cutting out like some leaf petals in a little circle in the middle and dropped it on top of the stem.

You can use double sided tape to stick the card stock on the red plastic heart, but I would recommend a hot glue gun.


You can find the green cardstock paper and Valentine's Day Ribbon here.

No gift is complete without a touch of personalization. We added vibrant Valentine's Day ribbons and a gift tag to enhance the presentation.

You can find the downloadable tag below.

Happy Valentine's Day Crafting!

Here's a quick video of the crafting process. Hope you enjoy!

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