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digital downloads

I created these digital downloads based off my own personal experiences. In college (2007), I took a Wellness class and our professor went over ways of being present each day…we walked through a shower sequence and how important it is to connect with yourself daily. Once I learned this, I incorporated it into my daily routine and I know that it has helped me keep my mind focused over the years. 


In 2013 I started my gift wrapping expedition. I was the manager of a small gift shop and during my first year we wrapped over 1,200 gifts. I then went on to launch gift wrapping kiosks throughout the Los Angeles Area during the Holiday Season, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other Pop Ups. We sold greeting cards, gift bags, gift baskets, and of course offered our gift wrapping services. It was then I had the AHAH idea to create my own gift wrapping paper.

Let me know how they worked for you! Just print them out and grab a pen!

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