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Our Story

Imagine walking into a store and finding the exact card you needed for someone’s birthday or just to say thank you? Now imagine that card having multiple layers, textures, and patterns, and even be personalized with the recipient’s name, that was the starting point to PaperDecorMore.

From this idea, business owner Samantha Squalls has created herself a paper empire, filled with handmade cards, custom invitations, unique gift wrapping paper, and curated craft classes. She’s taught classes to over 200 participants in one session, created 175 one of a kind invitations, and has handmade over 7,000 greeting cards, sold in various stores and at PaperDecorMore mall kiosk pop ups.

Meet The Founder

President of Paper Decor More. Master crafter. Handmade designs. Custom Invitation Designer. Black stationer.

Samantha is a Southern California native, graduating from Florida State University in 2008, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. A creative crafts artisan at heart, and Mommy to ONE daughter, Princess Kennedy, Samantha began designing greeting cards and invitations in 2008. She has applied this artistic passion to own Paper Decor More, a creative paper crafting and marketing company, established 2016. Samantha’s commitment to community, has endeared her to develop and teach arts and crafts workshops at local parks, the Craft and Folk Art Museum along Museum Row on the Miracle Mile district in Los Angeles and the Celebration of the Arts: Student Exhibition at the USC Fisher Museum of Art. 

Meet The Team

Head Graphic Designer Paper Decor More. Vera. Master Graphic Designer. Creative specialist. Web designer. Marketing Guru.

Vera Karine is a Russian American photographer and graphic designer. She graduated from Savannah College of Art in 2022, with a bachelor's in the fine arts. She is inspired by the beauty of embracing our inner child through joyful pops of unabashed color. She strives to empower individuals to embrace their femininity and rediscover themselves to let their true authenticity reign. She believes in actively questioning the world around us, and daring to create something out of the ordinary for a more diverse, just, and accountable future.

Head Graphic Designer Paper Decor More. Kaya. Master Graphic Designer. Creative specialist. Web designer. Marketing Guru.

Kaya Rivera is a Filipina & Black American graphic designer & Illustrator. Currently attending Columbia College Chicago, seeking a bachelor's in Illustration & Design. With an imagination as big as her enthusiasm, she is limitless. She grew up and was exposed around graffiti and street art. This inspired her to inherit an eye for design. Her passion calls to explore new experiences, ranging from food, travel, to creating ideas into fruition. She is an advocate for artists and entrepreneurs protecting their mental health and embracing their imperfections. She believes in allowing the people you encounter, to shape your mind and change your perspective. Kaya is not afraid to add spice into a conversation, say yes to a challenge, and manifest what would seem inevitable. 

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Paper Decor More satisfied all of my expectations. Every detail was exactly what I asked for. I appreciate her craftsmanship and thoroughness in completing my invitations. Thank you so much Samantha for bringing my vision to paper. Her creativity was out of this world! My fiancé and I were so thankful to have worked with her.

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