Avid crafter who loves everything paper and working with others to build projects. Customer satisfaction is my top priority as it is the primary contributor to a company's success. I'm looking forward to getting creative for you!!


We Love Paper!

PaperDecorMore (PDM) is a unique, personalized invitation, greeting card, and decor company. PDM believes that life is about individuality and creativity. PDM is dedicated to offering innovative, one of a kind gifting items, including greeting cards, party décor, custom invitations, and gift wrapping options. Our mission is to create a flagship gifting and crafting company that will promote individuality and creativity and spread it throughout the world.

PaperDecorMore (PDM) is all about paper…and ways to embellish and accents all areas of your life with paper including but not limited to handmade greeting cards and home accents. PDM wants our clients to grasp all of the paper made ideas and crafts.


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