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Baby Shower Gift Bags with Cricut Heat Press

I love the look of heat-pressed designs on fabric, and I especially love the Cricut heat press. Recently, I created a set of bags for a baby shower that turned out beautifully! Here's how you can make your own baby shower gift bags using your Cricut heat press.

What You Need

  • Muslin bags are the perfect size for holding baby shower favors and other small gifts. They're also very affordable!

  • Heat press - You can use any heat press that's compatible with your design, but we recommend using the Cricut Maker because it's easy to use and affordable compared to other machines on the market today. It comes with free designs available through Cricut Access (a subscription service), but if you want to make your own custom designs, there are many resources online where people have already done just that!

You'll also need some sort of adhesive or glue gun so that you can attach ribbons or labels onto each bag before filling them up with goodies.

Print and Cut Out

  • Print and Cut Out

Cut out your design onto your desired color vinyl. REMEMBER - SELECT the mirror option!

Heat Press Transfer Step 1

To transfer your design onto the bags, you'll need to use a heat press.

  • Preheat your heat press to

  • Place the vinyl design onto the bag down on your heat press and press for 15 seconds.

  • Remove the protective plastic layer.

  • Repeat this process for each bag until all of them have been heat pressed.

Heat Press Transfer Step 2

  • Follow the directions on your heat press.

  • Press gently, but firmly.

  • Do not press too long or too hard, as this can damage your bag and prevent it from being able to be used again. If you're having trouble getting a good result with one layer of vinyl, try another one!

  • Do not press in circular motions or back-and-forth motions; these will cause your design to distort and look messy once it's been transferred onto your bag

Make these easy bags, customize them with names, and fill them with baby shower favors.

  • Heat Press: A heat press is a device that uses high temperatures and pressure to transfer design onto various materials. You can buy one at your local craft store or online, but there are also several Cricut machines that have built-in heat presses (see below).

  • Muslin Bags: Muslin bags are great for holding small items like candy and bubbles. They're also inexpensive and easy to find online or at your local craft store.

  • Customize with Names: If you want to personalize your gift bag even more, you could use vinyl letters or other embellishments to add names or other text onto the front of each bag before pressing them into place on top of each treat inside!

  • Fill With Baby Shower Favors: Finally, fill up all these adorable little bags with fun favors from around town like personalized baby bottles, custom pacifiers, cute onesies, and flower seeds...the possibilities are endless!


It's easy to make these baby shower gift bags, and the best part is that you can customize them with names. This makes them perfect for any occasion where you need to give gifts!


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