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High Quality Unique Gift Wrapping for any Occasion

We specialize in elegant, refined gift wrapping for individuals and corporations and custom graphic designed gift wrapping paper. From the holidays to birthdays and baby showers we have your unique stationery gift wrapping experience covered. 

How it works:


  1. Book your appointment. 

  2. Select your WRAPPING LEVEL: Standard or Premium 

  3. Have your presents out of the bags and folded at your appointment time. 


We offer two levels for wrapping, STANDARD and PREMIUM. Our standard style is a great way to get a beautiful packaged gift at an affordable price. The premium style has all the bells and whistles, including premium ribbon and decorative accents. 


Got a special wrapping idea for your gifts? Just ask, we're happy to customize your packaging however you would like.

For information on pricing, please click here.


All wrapping sessions are a minimum of $55.


We will confirm your appointment 24 hours before to confirm the NUMBER of presents to FINALIZE your quote.