Imagine walking into a store and finding the exact card you needed for someone’s birthday or just to say thank you? Now imagine that card having multiple layers, textures, and patterns, and even be personalized with the recipient’s name, that was the starting point to PaperDecorMore.


From this idea, business owner Samantha Squalls has created herself a paper empire, filled with handmade cards, custom invitations, unique gift wrapping paper, and curated craft classes. She’s taught classes to over 200 participants in one session, created 175 one of a kind invitations, and has handmade over 7,000 greeting cards, sold in various stores and at PaperDecorMore mall kiosk pop ups.


Paper Decor More satisfied all of my expectations. Every detail was exactly what I asked for. I appreciate her craftsmanship and thoroughness in completing my invitations. Thank you so much Samantha for bringing my vision to paper. Her creativity was out of this world! My fiancé and I were so thankful to have worked with her.


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